Good News from the UW-Madison Student Chapter!

Starting this school year, a permanent, 2-credit class will support the UW-Madison student NAMA marketing team. This new class was approved by the curriculum committees in the Department of Life Sciences Communication, CALS and at the University level. This is a big achievement for the Student NAMA chapter and virtually ensures the longevity of the marketing team experience as long as there is student interest and a faculty member who is willing to be their advisor and coach. Hiram Smith

Thanks to those of you who stepped up and spoke out when the future of the marketing team class was in peril last year. You may wish to do so again – this time to thank Dean Kate VandenBosch for her efforts to move this forward. It is vital that we continue to remind CALS of the important role that UW-Madison Student NAMA plays in the development of our future agri-marketing professionals and the strength of Badger NAMA as a professional organization that is comprised of many UW-Madison and student NAMA alumni.

Dean Kate’s email, should you care to reach out and share your NAMA story, is:

Now might also be the time to start thinking about really ensuring UW-Madison Student NAMA’s long-term security by working with our organization and the industry to endow a NAMA Advisor Chair. Minimum required is $2 million, which seems achievable if we work together. We are open to your thoughts, ideas and pledges of support. Email the Badger NAMA board at or contact an individual board member.

You can stay connected with the UW-Madison student NAMA chapter by following their Facebook page.

2014 UW-Madison Student NAMA Marketing Team

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