Resolutions for a New Year with Badger NAMA


A new calendar year often inspires us to take a new look at things. It’s no different for Badger NAMA. The Badger NAMA board is getting together on Wednesday, Jan. 7 to discuss plans for the next few months.

Do you have suggestions for the new year? What events or services would you like the chapter to provide? Are you looking to get more involved? Send us a message on Facebook or email the board. We’d love to hear from you!

We wish all of our members and friends a safe and bountiful 2015.

2 thoughts on “Resolutions for a New Year with Badger NAMA

  1. I thought the programs for 2014 were terrific. The continuation of strong programming is important to maintain membership and trust that can be continued for 2015. Also an incentive or constant reminder to existing members urging them to bring guests and potential new members always remains important.

    I also hope the board can continue to help fund the WI Agri Business Council student education materials. It’s a great way to extend the Badger NAMA agriculture promotion without duplicating the WABC efforts and achieves the same goals of educating grade school kids about the importance of WI agriculture and also informing them of the ag job potentials that exist today. Hopefully, these materials help stimulating student interest to consider going into an agriculturally related field.

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